Teletherapy is a convenient and confidential method of accessing therapy services.

We’re proud to offer distance therapy solutions.

We provide therapy services to individuals who reside in Minnesota through a HIPAA compliant secure video teletherapy room. You simply log in to our waiting room at the time of your appointment and your therapists will greet you at your scheduled time.

We have helped countless clients work through sexual behavior problems at our 6 brick and mortar locations. Expanding these services to a virtual format is the natural next step for us. We want empathetic, understanding, quality services to be available to all who need it, whether they live close to an office or far away.

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Most insurances will cover teletherapy. If you have any concerns about whether this service will be covered, contact your insurance company for information about coverage.

If you are court ordered to treatment, you may wish to inform your probation officer of your intent to participate in teletherapy. Should they have any questions or concerns about this form of therapy we encourage you to address those prior to engaging in teletherapy.

We offer both group and individual therapy via teletherapy.

Scheduling a teletherapy session can be done by calling our office at 763-333-8001 or emailing and requesting a teletherapy intake.

You will be required to complete consent forms and provide us with payment or insurance information prior to scheduling your first appointment.

Our cancellation policy for teletherapy is the same as our in-office cancellation policy. You must provide at least 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment, failure to provide 24 hours notice will result in a charge for your session. If you are using health insurance to pay for your sessions, your insurance will not cover an appointment you do not attend.

If you are using insurance to pay for service, the insurance will be billed at the end of our session. If you are paying for out-of-pocket services, your therapist will collect your payment at the beginning or end of your session. If your account has not been paid for more than 30 days and arrangements for payment have not been agreed upon, AEBH reserves the right to use legal means to secure the payment. This may involve hiring a collection agency or going through small claims court. If such legal action is necessary, its costs will be included in the claim. In most collection situations, the only information released regarding a client’s treatment is his/her name, the nature, and dates of services provided, and the amount due.

You will need a comfortable private space, good internet connection, and a smart phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer to participate. Our teletherapy sessions include video conferencing, you must be available by video, we do not conduct sessions via voice only. Seeing you is an essential part of treatment; we must be able to connect visually. Privacy is of utmost importance.

We conduct these sessions from one of our locations, which allows up to provide a quiet and private experience for you – you will need to do the same. Please do not join your session from a restaurant, library, breakroom at work, etc. Be prepared to participate from a private location at your appointment time. Just like appointments at our office, we only have the time slot you are scheduled in reserved for you. You must be on time and prepared to do therapy.

You are encouraged to do a test log in prior to your appointment to make sure that everything is working on your side. You should check that your mic, speakers, and video are working. You can call our office to set up a test call prior to your appointment.

When entering the waiting room, you will be asked to enter your name. Please type your first name and last initial. Once you are in the waiting room, your clinician will connect once they are ready to start the session. If it seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time, feel free to text, email our office at 763-333-8001.

Please be sure to EXIT out of any programs that steal bandwidth prior to your sessions. QUIT (don’t just minimize) skype, carbonite, google drive back up, or any other cloud backup service. Please ensure that no one in your home is streaming video or playing graphics-heavy online video games as this will decrease your internet connection. Technical issues are rare and usually very easy to solve. Turning things off and back on again typically fixes most issues.

If others will be nearby while you are in therapy, ensure that you have adequate privacy prior to session. Psychotherapy is serious work. You do not want to be interrupted.

Turn off notifications on your computer and phone once we are connected.

You may feel relaxed because you are somewhere familiar to you and you may feel more casual because the work is online, and you are used to socializing that way. Remember that you are here to do the meaningful work of positive change.